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Welcome to Emirates Hospital


Celebrating twelve years of success and safety: More than 28000 surgeries without a single mortality. An unmatched safety record

In response to consumer demand for better, faster and friendlier health care, surgical hospitals have recently become very popular in the USA, and now Emirates Hospitals brought these kind of hospitals to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our Hospitals are designed for day surgery cases with the flexibility of having some patients stay for 1- 4 days . Our extensive use of endoscopes for keyhole surgery and experienced anesthesia and nursing team make your hospital stay safe, short and pleasant. Surgical hospitals have lower infection rates than hospitals that cater to older sick patients.

Going to a hospital can be scary or traumatic. Emirates Hospital has been designed to give you a warm, friendly and homey atmosphere to lessen your anxiety. Our superb locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are supplemented with ample parking. We have installed in our clinics the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment. But most importantly, we have a superb medical and nursing staff that is committed to providing you with the best care possible.

I have implemented a lot of the policies and procedures that are followed at the Boston University Medical School where I trained and have modified the best practices followed in the USA so that they are suitable for this international community and the local population of the UAE in addition to their compliance with the Standards of the Joint Commission International, or JCI, the highest certification of quality which was awarded to our hospitals by the Chicago based inspectors in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We have recruited internationally qualified medical and support staff. We are very proud of our staff members who work hard to provide you with high quality medical care, together with a warm and caring attitude and always with customer service always in mind. We are fully committed to this kind of quality approach in our organization, using American standards and customer service concepts, and we are confident that with your support, we will continue to offer the highest standards of quality healthcare in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Best Regards,

Mazen Sawaf, M.D.


Dr. Gabriel Saab


Dr. Gabriel Saab Specialist Plastic Surgeon In practice as a Plastic, Aesthetic and reconstrucive Surgeon at...

Dr. Gie Vandhult


Dr. Gie Vandhult Swedish plastic surgeon European Boards of plastic surgery US trained 15 years experience...

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