School Search in Dubai

School Search in Dubai

Nurseries. There are plenty of nurseries depending on your neighborhood.

Schools: Schools are generally divided into three categories: All English education All English with special Arabic tuition (namely for students who want to learn Arabic but are above 2nd grade) Strong Arabic/English with either British or US curriculum

Some of the best schools are:

Al Mawakeb

  • Shuweifat int’l school (Tel 04 3999 444)
  • Dubai National
  • American Academy in Barsha
  • American School in Barsha
  • Universal American School in Festival City
  • Emirates International in Um suqeim
  • Dubai International in near Safa Park
  • American scientific (Tel 339 2444)
  • American Scientific Research

About six new international schools are opening up every year in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi has several good schools including a German school and the Shweifat school in Khalifa City.
School Tuitions. For bilingual schools tuition fees range from 12000-30.000 Derhams per student per year depending on the school brand name, grade with an additional 2000 for the school bus if required. The all English schools are usually 50-100% more expensive. For further assistance and advice please contact our human resource department. Most school hours are from 08:00 to 15:00.

University Choices. Choices are currently limited to the Dubai American University, Sharjah American University (Both are open to expatriates and offer business, humanities and IT degrees. Sharjah is currently one of the best universities in the Gulf area. Tuition is about 60.000 Derhams per year)

There is a medical school for women in Dubai. Cornell Medical School in Qatar is only 30 minutes away ($200 round trip flight).

Entrance Qualifications.

Past school certificates/transcripts and vaccination records are the required documents to be submitted to the desired schools. No need for attestation of the school transcripts.

Registration and Enrolment

Registration of students in school occurs in the beginning of September or the beginning of January. There is usually a routine entrance exam.

Some of the schools are experiencing tremendous demand with two year waiting lists due to the recent exodus of a lot of western expatriates from Saudi Arabia after the terrorist acts targeting westerners there in addition to the population explosion of Dubai.