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Caffeine Intake

cafeine intake    

Approximately 90 percent of all adults in the world consume caffeine daily, be it in coffee, tea, caffeinated sodas or chocolate.

For most adults, consumption of up to 400 mg of caffeine a day appears to be safe, which is equivalent of 2 small cups of brewed coffee.

Although new studies have found that moderate caffeine intake is not considered a long-term risk factor for heart disease, some people get palpitations with heavy intake of caffeine.

Substitution with decaffeinated beverages is advisable although BE AWARE, decaffeinated beverages are not caffeine free but contain a substantially lower amount of caffeine!

Be moderate in your consumption to stay healthy and avoid side effects!

Raya Zreik, M.D.
Specialist in Internal Medicine
Fellowship in Endocrinology American University of Beirut