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Emirates Hospital has been designed to give you a warm and friendly atmosphere to make your time with us comfortable. Our superb locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment, and our medical and nursing staff are committed to providing you with the best care possible.

Service Held To The Highest Standards

Our policies and procedures follow the Boston University Medical School model but have been modified for the international community and the local population of the UAE. In addition, we are compliant with the Standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI) – the highest certification of quality awarded to our hospital in Dubai, by the Chicago-based inspectors

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Jumeirah +971(4) 349 6666
Dubai Marina +971(4) 447 1555
Karama +971 (2) 446 6422
Khalifa City +971 (2) 557 2220
Dr. Gabriel Saab
Plastic Surgeon
14 Jan - 17 Jan
Jumeirah, Marina, Dubai
Dr. Gie Meyer Vandhult
Plastic Surgeon
24 Jan - 24 Jan
Abu Dhabi
Dr. Roseli Gnutzmans Cardinali
Dr. Roseli Gnutzmans Cardinali
Plastic Surgeon
27 Feb - 06 Mar
Dubai Marina
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