Integrated – Occupational Safety and Health, Quality and Social Accountability Policy Statement v1.2

Integrated – Occupational Safety and Health, Quality and Social Accountability

Policy Statement v1.2

CosmeSurge and Emirates Clinics (CSEC)  for One Day Surgery, Abu Dhabi, is an accredited  healthcare facility providing daycase surgical inpatient  services,  and varied medical outpatient services, including Laboratory and Radiology support .

The facility is licensed to operate, according to its scope of service, by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the Health Authority, Abu Dhabi, (HAAD) and abides by, complies with and adheres to both the spirit, and the letter, of their standards, and applicable Ministry of Health, and UAE Federal Law.

Specifically, the occupational safety and health (OSH) management within this facility is regulated by Abu Dhabi OSHMS Policy ( 2017), and Health Authority, Abu Dhabi HSE Policy (2015).


In accordance with our Mission, Vision and Values, we are committed to, and place high emphasis and expectations on, maintaining clean, safe, and healthy environments for all our stakeholders, ( their health and wellbeing), and the delivery of consistently high quality, cost effective services. Our integrated governance frameworks provide adequate human and financial resources to develop, implement, accomplish and maintain ( through monitoring and audit) a safe and environmentally sustainable delivery system which  responsibly supports our customers, clients, patients, vendors, and contractors, while ensuring the wellbeing of all stakeholders utilising, or impacted by our operational activities.


Within this integrated Occupational Health and Safety Policy, the Executive of CSEC is committed  – to all stakeholders ( patients, staff, visitors, investors, external and internal contractors, vendors) and on their behalf, to ensure that:


  • There is prevention of injury, illness and environmental pollution
  • There is evident enhancement of employee well being
  • There is legal compliance according to the governing bodies stated above and in accordance with the legal register of relevant documents
  • There are OSH targets set, monitored and reviewed
  • There are appropriate and adequate OSH resources provided to implement, maintain and continually improve our OSH systems; non-conformance is identified reported, investigated and resolved through an active planning and follow-up system. Roles and responsibilities are identified and adhered to.
  • An effective risk management system is established and maintained to manage risks arising from the nature of our work, within the environment, and their impact on the safety and health of our employees and stakeholders.


The commitment and adherence to this policy is the responsibility of all CSEC management, employees, visitors, vendors and contractors.

This  statement is communicated to all our stakeholders: staff, patients, investors, internal and external contractors, and vendors through circulation of contracts and policies; it is posted at our entrances, and is available for all staff on our internal communication portal: the intranet.


CSEC’s OSHMS will be evaluated yearly, according to set targets and objectives, and updated as necessary in accordance with our administrative policies and procedures, and any legal changes.



Approved and signed: Dr. Georges Ferghali, COO                  Date: 1/4/2017


For review: 2015, 2016, 2017 and yearly thereafter, and as necessary


Ref: AD OHSMS SF : 2017; HAAD OSHMS: 2011-2012/2015

CSEC OHS Policy 002: Occupational Health and Safety