Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Being a valued patient at Emirates Hospital, you and your family have the following rights:

To be provided with the Highest Quality Medical Care

  1. Choose the treating doctor (depends on availability), as well as the option to reject him/ her upon furnishing a genuine reason.
  2. Be protected during treatment form any physical, verbal or psychological assault.
  3. EMIRATES HOSPITAL respects your right to appropriate assessment and management of pain through well known therapies and provides you with all necessary information in this regard.

To make known the Identities and Roles of each Patient’s Healthcare Team

  • Know the identity (name and specialty) of the physician responsible for your care.

To have Privacy and Confidentiality of Patients’ Medical Records Maintained

  1. Obtain a medical report and a copy of all medical tests from the Medical Records department (upon your request)
  2. Enjoy privacy while carrying out all examinations, procedures, and treatment at the hospital, and maintain confidentiality of all your information.
  3. View your medical records under the supervision of the treating doctor or a medical team staff, according to EMIRATES HOSPITAL policies.
  1. To be provided with Explanation, Education & Counseling
    1. Receive from the health care team, in a simple understandable manner (through a translator if needed), comprehensive information about your diagnosis, proposed treatment; the reasons for any changes in your health status; alternative treatments; probabilities of treatment success or failure; therapy advantages and disadvantages; possible problems related to treatment and the expected results of ignoring the treatment.
    2. No surgery, minimally invasive procedures, anaesthesia, transfusion of blood and blood products, shall be performed without obtaining in writing from you a written consent, after giving you all necessary information. This must include the procedure benefits, available alternatives and all serious risks or common risks (if any).
    3. Participate in your care decision-making. EMIRATES HOSPITAL encourages patients, parents or legal guardians, to the extent they wish, to participate in planning and implementing treatment with nurses and physicians.
    4. Refuse the treatment (if you wish so). Thus, the treating doctor must inform you of the medical consequences of your refusal. Accordingly, you shall sign a release form prepared to that effect.
    5. Refuse examination or follow-up of your treatment details by any person not directly responsible for your care. For persons who are not directly involved in your treatment, they must have your prior permission to attend your case discussion, examination and treatment.
  2. To have your Queries Addressed
    1. Receive, upon discharge, written discharge notes from nurses including therapeutic plans and instructions that clarify how to take care of your health.
    2. Receive a complete explanation of the reasons to be transferred to another care center – should the need arise – consequent obligations (financial and administrative), if any and alternatives. Then, the Hospital management will take necessary arrangements to obtain alternate medical centre approval to receive the referred patient before starting the transfer process.
    3. Receive – upon your request – an itemized bill explaining all charges regardless of whether they are paid by yourself or by another source.
  3. To be provided with a channel for Feedback, Compliments & Complaints
    • Complain, suggest and comment on services through the customer satisfaction form or email directly your comments or complaints to the CEO or the administration via our website

Being a valued patient at Emirates Hospital, you and your family have the following responsibilities:

  1. Provision of Information:
    1. Provide complete and accurate information about present complaints, past illness, previous hospitalization and treatment, and any known drug allergy.
    2. Following the Doctor’s Recommended Treatment Plan
    3. Have a family member or guardian as an escort depending on availability and your health status, as per Emirates Hospital policies. However; due to medical reasons visits to ICU and recovery room are limited.
  2. Follow the treating doctor’s instructions.
    1. Take the responsibility for refusing or not following the treatment plan, after being informed of consequences.
    2. Observe safety regulations including the no¬n-smoking policy.
    3. Give requested samples and attend check ups on time.
    4. Avoid bringing valuable personal belongings to the Hospital. The Hospital is not held responsible for such things. However; in emergency cases only, you must notify nurses and give them these valuables in the presence of the Hospital security staff against duly signed special forms. You must keep a copy of this form and verify the recipient’s official identity, noting that the Hospital management is not responsible for any consequences resulting from non adherence to the above instructions.
    5. Arrange for transportation back home should your care require anesthesia or sedation.
  3. Respect and Consideration of Others
    1. Respect the Hospital rules and regulations in terms of visiting hours, food instructions and the like.
    2. Show consideration for others and deal with other patients and staff with respect.
    3. Respect the privacy of other patients.
    4. Avoid delay in taking appointment from the reception or nursing desk, as soon as requested by the doctor.
    5. Attend the appointment on time. If you want to cancel it, inform the appointment office 48 hours in advance.
    6. Respect the priority given to emergency cases.
  4. Hospital Charges
  • Ensure that financial obligations due for EMIRATES HOSPITAL are fulfilled promptly

The feedback can be given to the feedback form available at the reception and in-patient nursing desks, as well as through a discussion with the HR director or Hospital administrator. They can be reached through telephone number 04 -349 66 66 or e-mail: