Family Health Check Up

A comprehensive customized check for your family. The Emirates Hospital Family Check comprehensive and extremely personalized health check for you and your family, where we assess the health of every member of the family, identify potential health risks on an individual basis, and provide professional advice and counseling for a happy and healthy life.

A family may be one in every sense of the term, but different family members have different healthcare requirements. We understand this important fact, which is why we treat your family members as individuals, assessing each ones’ health and closely examining the potential health risks each one faces, many of which could be manifested over time.

AED 8,000 – $ 2,228 (for men)
AED 8,600 – $ 2,395 (for women)
AED 1,400 – $ 390 (for children)

On the day of the initial consultation the patient needs to come to the hospital/ clinic fasting for 12 hours for adults and 8 hours for children and wearing light clothes (adults). Patients should avoid eating, drinking including tea, coffee, avoid smoking and chewing gum; small amounts of water allowed. After a consultation with the doctor you will be undergoing series of lab and radiology tests. Once the results of the tests are ready, you will be called back for a final appointment to discuss the findings and you will be provided a medical summary. You might be required to visit the clinic/ hospital more than once in order to complete the investigations and consultations with different specialists.

In details, our Family Check-up includes the following for adults:

Initial consultation with GP/ Family Medicine Specialist

Follow-up consultation with GP/ Family Medicine Specialist with medical summary

Consultation with Nutritionist

Cardiology consultation with ECG, TMT, PFT (only in Marina branch) and echocardiogram

Urology consultation for men

Gynecology consultation for women including screening test for cervical cancer (PAP smear)

Laboratory investigations:

  1. Blood sample:
    • Complete blood count (CBC) to detect anemia, bleeding tendencies and blood cancers amongst other problems
    • Peripheral smear to detect blood cancers
    • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) to detect inflammation
    • Fasting blood sugar (FBS) and Post Glucose/ PP blood sugar to detect diabetes
    • Uric acid to check for gout
    • Analysis of blood fats (lipid profile) to detect predisposition to clogging of your arteries
    • Coronary risk factors (Serum Homocysteine, Serum Apo-lipoprotein A1&B, Serum Lipoprotein A, Serum Fibrinogen and HS CRP)
    • Liver function tests to detect liver damage
    • Examination of electrolytes and vitamins (Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3)
    • Viral Screening (HbsAg, Anti HCV, HbA1C)
    • Analysis of renal function (blood urea nitrogen, creatinine)
    • Analysis of thyroid hormone ( TSH)
    • Free and Total Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) (for men)
    • Blood group and Rh type
  1. Urine test
  2. Stool test for occult blood (above 40 years old)

Radiological examination:

  1. Chest X-ray (PA and Lateral views)
  2. Ultrasound screening of abdomen
  3. Echocardiogram
  4. Breast ultrasound (for women below 40)
  5. Mammogram (for women above 40)

For children it includes:

  1. Initial consultation with pediatrician/ family medicine specialist with vaccination review
  2. Follow-up consultation with pediatrician/ family medicine specialist
  3. Consultation with ENT specialist
  4. Dental consultation

Laboratory investigations:

  1. Blood sample:
    • Complete blood count (CBC)
    • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) to detect inflammation
    • Blood group and type
  1. Urine analysis
  2. Stool test
  3. Mantoux test
  4. Fasting blood sugar

Radiological examination:

  • Chest X-ray