Well Man Basic Health Check Up

In our men basic check-up we consider all primary prevention and diagnostic issues to establish the person’s current state of health. It includes 2 consultations with GP/ family medicine specialist, basic investigations for early detection of diabetes, as well as problems with heart, liver, kidneys and bowels
AED 1,800 – $ 500 (for men below 40 years old)
AED 2,000 – $ 557 (for men above 40 years old)

On the day of your initial consultation the patient needs to come to the hospital/ clinic fasting for 12 hours and wearing light clothes. Patient should avoid eating, drinking including tea, coffee, avoid smoking and chewing gum; small amounts of water allowed. After a consultation with the doctor you will be undergoing series of lab tests, as well as ECG. Once the results of the tests are ready, you will be called back for a final appointment to discuss the findings.

In details, the basic check-up includes:

Initial consultation with GP/ Family Medicine Specialist

Follow-up consultation with GP/ Family Medicine Specialist

Laboratory investigations:

  1. Blood sample:
    • Complete blood count (CBC)
    • Fasting blood sugar (FBS)
    • Analysis of blood fats (lipid profile)
    • Analysis of liver and gall bladder counts (SGOT, SGPT, ALP, G-GT, bilirubin direct and indirect)
    • Examination of Calcium and Vitamin D3
    • Analysis of renal function (blood urea nitrogen, creatinine)
  2. Urine test
  3. Stool test for occult blood (for men above 40 years old)

Electrocardiogram (ECG) and chest X-ray