Digestive / Liver Disorders


Evaluation of various digestive and liver disorders and diseases provide state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic modalities of common and challenging gastrointestinal diseases. Special packages for general evaluation of digestive health and early colon cancer screening.

Scope of Services:

  1. Esopahgeal disorders: Acid reflux disease, swallowing difficulty, spasm, tumors
  2. Stomach problems: H. Pylori gastritis, ulcers, bleeding, indigestion/ bloating, tumors
  3. Small intestines disorders: Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, anemia of GI causes, and slow intestinal bleeding investigations, tumors, with access to unique investigations including wireless capsule endoscopy, and deep enteroscopy procedures
  4. Colon: Inflammatory bowel diseases (UC, Crohn’s), Diverticulosis, early detection of polyps and colon cancer, IBS, GI bleeding
  5. Biliary and pancreatic diseases: Acute and chonic pancreatitis, ERCP for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, including endoscopic removal of obstructing biliary stones, and placement of paliative metal biliary stenting in pancreatic, biliary malignancies
  6. Liver Diseases: Acute and chronic viral hepatitis (A, B,C), autoimmune hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, and other liver disorders

Diagnostic and Therapeutic GI tests and endoscopic Procedures:

  1. Upper Endoscopy (Gastroduodenoscopy) Diagnostic and therapeutic
  2. Colonoscopy: Diagnostic and therapeutic (availability of special colon cancer screening package)
  3. ERCP : Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatogram
  4. Liver biopsy
  5. Wireless Video capsule Endoscopy of small intestines
  6. Enteroscopy of the entire small intestines
  7. Esophageal PH monitoring study using the wirless Bravo capsule
  8. Esophageal and anorectal manometry
  9. Fibroscan: Non invasive assessment of liver fibrosis/ scarring
  10. Routine U/S abdomen, and other Imaging studies
  11. Urea Breath Test for detection and eradication confirmation of H. pylori infection
  12. Endoscopic management of anorectal disorders (Internal hemorrhoids, fissures), using Hemorrhoids banding, IRC (Infra-red coagluation), and botox injection of recurrent anal fissures.
  13. Placement of Intragastric baloon for obesity (6 months and adjustable gastric baloon which can be extended upto 12 months)