3D X-Ray

Emirates Hospital takes the health of its patients very seriously, establishing itself a reputation of excellence in healthcare. The hospital comprises the latest in technology and unparalleled professional expertise, and utilizes state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment at each of its facilities, to reinforce our commitment to the provision of exceptional patient care. One of the most recent high-tech additions made to our hospital’s diagnostic imaging services is the 3D Xray. We are known across the United Arab Emirates for providing our patients with the best 3D Xray in Dubai.

3D X-rays are a low dose version of CT scans that allow us to visualize body in three-dimensions. Emirates Hospital takes pride in having the distinction of being the biggest source of 3D ultrasound/Xray services in UAE, and Dubai in particular. There is a reason why people trust our hospital for 3D Xray in Dubai and Abu Dhabi3D Xray helps greatly in performing surgeries, as it gives the doctor and patient both a clearer picture of what is going on inside the patient’s body, while allowing them to have a better understating of the medical condition. Through the 3D Xray images, the doctor is surer of taking the right measures for treating the patient.