Digital Radiography

X-rays have been used to identify bone structures within the body since 1895. They have proven to be a major medical breakthrough. The latest advance in this technology is Digital Radiography, and Emirates Hospital is renowned for the best Digital Radiography in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Digital Radiography is a type of X-ray that relies on digital X-ray sensors to capture images rather than film. Due to the digital technology, the X-ray images are stored, saved, and transferred as electronic files. We have a great multi-purpose digital X-ray machine that provides many facilities, such as Digital images for easier file transfer, file storage, and electronic records, Rapid, accurate analysis of spinal fractures, including compression fractures, Spinal images to assess spinal structures and potential deformities, and a lot more. We offer state of the art radiographic technology to our patients.

The key tool for both diagnostic evaluation and post-therapeutic monitoring is Digital Radiography, and it is even used surgical treatment. Emirates Hospital is where you will find the most advanced Digital Radiography.