Digital X-Ray

Digital X Ray is one of the most basic and effective diagnostic tools. It is basically a picture of bones and tissues in the body of a person or animal. Digital X Ray utilizes electromagnetic radiation, which help the doctors and specially trained radiology technologists to diagnose problems and recommend further treatments and therapies to the patient. Emirates Hospital offers a full range of digital diagnostic services, including digital X-rays. We are known across the entire Gulf region for the best Digital X Ray in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

There are many advantages of a Digital X Ray and the first and the foremost being that it saves you time, as you are not required to wait for film to be developed because there is no film. And as a replacement for that, the X-ray image is converted directly into electronic bits of information that are stored in a computer where they can be viewed and enlarged for closer study. Also, a Digital X Ray can also be transmitted electronically, so they can easily be sent to your doctor or another specialist for consultation. With us, you are sure to find the finest technology for your Digital X Ray Dubai.