If you fear breast cancer, it is better that you opt for Mammography, and Emirates Hospital offers the most accurate Mammograms across the entire United Arab Emirates. We are known for the best Mammograms Xray in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A mammogram is basically an x-ray exam that produces images of the internal structures of the breasts. Mammography is the gold standard in breast imaging, since it is the most accurate method in evaluating the entire breast. Through mammography, cancer or other problems before a lump becomes large enough to be felt can be detected, as well as diagnosis of other breast problems can also be done.

Emirates Hospital has a dedicated and qualified team of doctors to perform Mammograms on patients in a safe and clean environment. Mammography and breast ultrasound will be performed in private, comfortable, relaxing surroundings, using a digital mammography which has many advantages, as it produces superior images with very small radiation exposure. The image is available within seconds and is of a much higher definition. Ultimately, this results in a quick examination. We do the best Mammograms Xray Dubai.