Stress Test

If you are experiencing shortness in breath and/or having chest pain during exercise, you might be suggested by your cardiologist to get a Stress Test. Our hospital, Emirates Hospital, performs the best Stress Test in Dubai and Abu Dhabito find out whether you have coronary artery disease.

The basic purpose of cardiac stress testing is to see how well the coronary arteries in the patient’s body are supplying blood to his/her heart muscle. Cardiologists may also order a Stress Test to assess how well a particular heart treatment is working; whether your heart is strong enough to withstand major surgery; whether you are ready to begin an exercise program, especially after a heart attack; how effectively the heart is pumping if you have heart failure; or, if you have poor heart function, whether you should be considered for heart transplantation.

Emirates Hospital has got state of the art equipment to perform the most accurate Stress Test for its patients. We are renowned for the best Stress Test Dubai.