Baby Bottle Syndrome

Tooth Decay in children is very common and it usually occurs when children are put to sleep with their feeding bottles in their mouth or fall asleep while breastfeeding. This results in allowing the fluid from the bottle to pool around the child’s teeth. The term used to define this kind of tooth decay in children and infants is called Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and/orBaby Bottle Syndrome, and Emirates Hospital offers the best Baby Bottle Syndrome Treatment Dubai.

Just like in any adult’s mouth, there are bacteria present in children’s mouth too. Sugar present in the fluid continually nourishes the bacteria that are in the baby’s mouth, and using this constant source of sugar, bacteria multiply and create acids in the mouth that attack the teeth. The children whose pacifiers are frequently dipped in sugar or syrup are the ones most at risk of having Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay usually occurs in the upper front teeth; however, other teeth may get affected as well. The best ways to prevent any child from Baby Bottle Syndrome is to cleaning their teeth daily; not allowing him/her to sleep with a bottle filled with milk, formula, or juice; giving the child plain water when he or she is thirsty; and most importantly making regular appointments with the dentist when the child beginning to grow his/her first teeth.

If your child is also suffering from Baby Bottle Syndrome, you must not take it lightly as baby teeth play a very important role. They are necessary for chewing, speaking, and smiling. They also serve as placeholders for the adult teeth. If baby bottle tooth decay is left untreated, pain and infection can result, and ultimately they may have to be removed. Make an appointment with our qualified team of dentists and get your child the finest Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Treatment Dubai. Nothing is more important than your baby’s oral health.