Dentistry With Sedation

If you fear visiting your dentist and avoid your appointment every now and then, then this must be badly affecting your oral health. But no need to worry as there is a solution for patient’s like you, as you may now opt for Dentistry With Sedation. Our qualified dentists, here at Emirates Hospital, will provide you with dental and cosmetic care while you are asleep or awake.

Emirates Hospital comprises state of the art equipment, and the most advanced anesthesiology and sedation procedures to perform Dentistry With Sedation. The purpose behind this type of dentistry, called Sedation Dentistry, is to give you the very best dental care while relieving your stress and anxiety. And remember, your comfort is always going to be our primary concern; therefore, your entire visit will be specially designed to relieve your stress and anxiety.

We offer a wide range of dental services and these procedures can be provided with sedation or anesthesia. Other than children and adults who are nervous about receiving dental care, Dentistry With Sedation may also be opted by medically compromised patients and for lengthy procedures like root canals and cosmetic dentistry.