Pulpotomy is a dental procedure of removing the nerves or the pulp tissue from the crown of an infected or injured tooth. This is an important process often used to save the infected/painful tooth. Another way of saving your infected tooth or teeth is called pulpectomy, in which the nerves are removed from the crown and roots of a tooth. If the nerve or pulp tissue of a primary (baby) or permanent tooth is infected, it needs to be treated to prevent a dental abscess and loss of the tooth, as it will lead to bone loss in the jaw. Thus, it is crucial to catch this problem before it gets worse. Pulpotomy and pulpectomy are the two methods of treating infected dental nerve tissue to save the tooth, so that it will maintain the integrity and function of the dental arch, and our dentists are expert in carrying out these procedures successfully. Emirates Hospital offers you the most excellent Pulpotomy In Dubai.

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