Hair Transplant

Common misconceptions about hair loss:

The most common misconception is that cutting the hair or shaving it real short strengthens the hair. The fact is that when hair is short it is hard to see it falling, but when it is long it can be obvious and frightening. 

Other popular believes that are not true include damage from covering the head, too many showers, pollution and mentally demanding jobs. 

What are the true causes for hair loss?
The main reason in men and women is hereditary. Other causes include severe sickness, low protein strict diets, many medications used for high blood pressure, depression or contraception, severe anemia, thyroid problems and the period immediately after giving childbirth. 

Our doctors will examine you to determine what causes your hair loss. 


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What are the possible treatments for hair loss?
Medications: There are 284 products on the market all claiming they can re-grow your hair. 

The Food and Drug Agency in America (FDA) recognizes only two products: Minoxidil and Propecia. Both can re-grow some thin, fuzzy hair after prolonged use in about 20% of patients. The drugs must be taken forever or you loose your new hair. 

Hair replacement “without surgery”?
It means, wigs, hairpieces and hair attachments which may be appropriate for some women. This is not your hair, it doesn’t grow, is expensive to maintain and can be embarrassing for men. 


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What is the best solution for hair loss?
Hair transplantation is the only medical solution that is permanent. 

How is the procedure done?
We are born with two kinds of hair seeds (follicles); the permanent healthy ones, usually in the back of the head and the ones genetically programmed to fall in the future, usually in the front and middle of the head. 

During hair transplantation in our Dubai and Abu Dhabi clinics, we take some of the healthy follicles in the back and transplant them to the front, without affecting the way your hair looks in the back. The new hair will grow permanently. You can cut it, shave it and pull it. It is always there.. 

The procedure is done in 3-4 hours under local anesthesia, without pain while you are sitting in a chair watching TV and eating and drinking. 

You will have a light dressing that is removed in 24 hours, after which you can resume your normal activities. 

Your new hair will start growing in three months and will look natural but not dense. Better density will be achieved with one or two more sessions at four months intervals. 


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Is hair transplantation suited for women?
Hair transplant can be done in all ages and for both sexes. 

We also have a good experience in transplanting hair to the eyebrows. 

Would my new hair look natural?
Our experienced Hair surgeon and his team of hair transplant nurses use the latest micrograft techniques and their artistic talent to give you a natural look and a non-detectable hairline. 

We also have a large experience in transplanting hair for the mustache area. 


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How long would my new hair last?
The new hair will last as long as your hair in the back does, you can cut it, swim with it and you don’t remove it before you sleep. 

It is simply yours and will last the rest of your life – guaranteed. 

It is what you always dreamed of..


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