Breast Cancer

Emirates Hospital has the best Breast Cancer Clinic for the Treatment Of Breast Cancer. You can trust our Breast Cancer Treatment to take care of this most common form of cancer prevailing in women.


Breast cancer develops when one malignant cell starts dividing in an uncontrolled manner from the lining of the breast ducts. As the cells divide, they create a lump which can be felt by the patient if the lump happens to be superficial, if the lump is small or deep, then it is hard to detect with your fingers and must be discovered early with periodic mammograms or ultrasounds. There is no one single factor that causes breast cancer. Breast cancer is multi-factorial disease caused by a combination of stress, abdominal obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, alcohol, pollution, birth control pills, delayed breast feeding, large breasts, advancing age and genetic factors. You do not have to have all these factors to get breast cancer but the more factors you have the more likely that you get breast cancer.


One out of ten women is struck by breast cancer. A female technologist performs all our ultrasounds and mammograms. Breast cancer is the commonest female cancer, and accounts for the most cancer deaths in women. Eighteen percent of women who develop breast cancer will be under 50 years of age and with an average 50% mortality this will produce a significant number of deaths in a population of single females.
There are now major health programmes involved in research and development into prevention, early detection, and new treatments with the aim of reducing the morbidity and mortality from breast cancer

The diagnosis is made by a combination of mammography, breast ultra-sound and increasingly core biopsy and histopathology of the breast lesion rather than the previously used fine needle aspiration and cytological analysis.

A step by step guide to Breast Self Examination

  • alt
  • When examining the breasts, use a vertical pattern, cover the entire breast and use varying pressure light, medium and firm using the pads, not the tips, of the fingers. The best time to check yourself is right after your period, when breast swelling and tenderness is over. Post-menopausal women should perform exams at the same time of the month, every month, so that it’s not forgotten. Check your breasts using the following steps:
  • altLying Down
    Place a pillow under your right shoulder. Put your right hand under your head. Check your entire breast area with the finger-pads of your left hand. Use small circles and follow up and down pattern. Repeat on your left breast.
  • altBefore a Mirror
    Check for any changes in breasts’ shape or look. Note any skin or nipple changes like dimpling or discharge. Inspect breasts in four steps: arms at side, arms overhead, hands on hips pressing firmly to flex chest muscles, and bending forward.
  • altIn the Shower
    Raise your right arm. With soapy hand and fingers flat, check your right breast. Use the method described in the ‘Lying Down’ step. Repeat on your left breast.
  • What to look for
  • Lump or thickening (breast, underarm), Red or hot skin, Orange peel skin, Dimpling or puckering, Unusual pain, Itch or rash especially in nipple area, Retracted nipple, Change in direction of nipple axis, A sore on the breast that doesn’t heal.

The Breast Center at the Emirates Hospital is designed to give you all the services you need under one roof. Every mammogram is read by two specially trained radiologists, a rare service. Early and accurate diagnosis makes Emirates Hospital one of the best. Every patient is educated so she is equipped to participate in her treatment options. The woman’s mind and spirit are addressed as well as her body. At the Emirates Hospital Breast Center every woman receives comprehensive and coordinated care, utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach which features the latest technology and a well trained and caring staff.
Among the Breast Center’s outstanding features are:

  1. Comprehensive Coordinated Care: The multidisciplinary team includes:
    • Radiology – One female Radiologist dedicated to mammography
    • Pathology – Cytopathologist with special interest in breast pathology
    • Surgery – Surgeons participate in weekly pretreatment planning conferences
    • Portable ultrasound with intra-op probe
    • Medical Oncology
    • Radiation Oncology- We will co-ordinate all your radiation needs with an Outside facility.
    • Reconstructive Surgery- Referrals to participating surgeons with an emphasis on breast conservation
    • Psychosocial- Ongoing support groups , Breast Friends program (a peer-support mentoring program for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients)
    • A staff of R.N.s, Mammography Technologists, and Clerical Staff: Reception, Scheduling, Admitting, Filing Clerks for Medical Records
  2. Treatment Planning Conferences- The conferences are held weekly utilizing a multidisciplinary team.
  3. Second Opinion Services – This service is for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The service includes review by a medical oncologist, a radiologist, and a pathologist and provides recommendations for treatment options and information on clinical trials.
  4. State-of-the-Art Technology- Imaging Services
    • Mammography- every mammogram is independently read by two dedicated breast radiologists
    • Screening mammography
    • Diagnostic mammography
    • Ultrasound
    • Ultrasound Guided Core Biopsy & Fine Needle Aspiration
    • Pre-op Needle Localization
    • Outside Film Consultation/Review
    • Breast Consultation
    • IMRI

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