Obesity is a chronic disease, involving an accumulation of excess fat which is harmful to human health. A person is considered obese if his/her BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) is 30 or higher. Obesity is a result of an increased number or size of fat cells in a human body. Obesity surgery changes your energy balance – the relationship between how much food is absorbed, the way in which fat is used, and stored, and how much energy is used by a human being

All of us dream of a healthy and toned figure, but unfortunately not all of us have it. Now with the advent of science you can get rid of that extra bulging, body fat!. However anyone born with an overactive fat gene can never accomplish the desired weight just by diet alone, making Obesity surgery almost inevitable. If you think you are overweight then contact us at Emirates Hospital as we offer the best Obesity treatment in Dubai. Trust our team of qualified doctors – Our large clientele is spread across the region so don’t hesitate in trusting our experts – they won’t let you down.

Weight Loss surgery or surgery for the morbidly obese population has been in practice for decades. While many other therapies have failed, obesity surgery is the only proven method of losing weight and maintaining your weight loss, if you are committed. Our experts at the Emirates Hospital are specialized in obesity surgery including, gastric balloon, gastric banding and mini-gastric bypass. Call us now and make preparations to get rid of those extra fat deposits in your body.