Proctology Clinic

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Proctology Clinic is a specialty clinic dedicated entirely to non surgical or minimally invasive laser treatments of anal and rectal disorders


Anal Fissure

Anal Fistula

Pilonidal Cyst

Anal bleeding   Anal itching  Anal warts   Anal incontinence


There are serious advances that took place in the ways we treat these conditions, yet the vast majority of Patients and Doctors alike are unaware of them, the reason may be because these advances never assumed the front pages of medical literature for the lackluster position that proctology takes in medical fields or may be because most of these advances were on individual practices level rather than institutional large academic level.

In either case, the advances are real and revolutionary , they changed forever the way we treat these painful and very common conditions.

At VeinCure Clinic for instance, we have performed thousands of successful proctology laser treatments over the last eight years, the longest and most complicated of cases take less than 10 minutes to perform, all patients get up and go home immediately after procedure, they go back to work on the same day or next day, they have minimal discomfort and they do well for the rest of their lives.

We barely use any stitches in our treatments, we never use anal packing, we barely lose any drop of blood during our procedures, we do most treatments under simple local anesthesia ( like the dentist anesthesia ) and we accumulated huge collective experience in the field which is really hard to duplicate in any surgeon’s experience outside the specialty proctology clinic settings present at clinic like VeinCure.

We take full advantage of technologies developed in other fields such as Veins surgery ( Phlebology ) and vascular arterial surgery and plastic surgery to improve our methods for the advantage of our patients.

We acquired over the last few years all the advanced lasers, tools and equipments necessary to perfect every step of our procedures, so every Veincure Clinic specialist surgeon has at his disposal at any given case all the tools that serve his patient best, it is not unusual for us to use two or three types of laser equipments on one case where we treat every hemorrhoid in the same patient differently depending on its stage , size and type for a perfect end result, i.e. : cure without pain.

In order to bring our distinctive proctology services to all our UAE patients, we opened clinics in most major cities such as Dubai ( Jumeirah Blvd CosmeSurge , Marina CosmeSurge, Jumeirah Lakes Towers ) , Abu Dhabi ( Khalifa City , Al Ain ) and many more coming soon.

The process is simple, you have a proctology complaint or concern, simply visit us at the following link and read more about your condition, call us or we will call you for an appointment at a clinic near you.

Please visit us at :   veincure