Knee and Shoulder

Shoulder and Knee problems are common. They affect all age groups and represent a big burden medically and financially. The shoulder and knee clinic is directed by our Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Amer Mansour with the help of our Dermatologist, Internal Medicine, Diabetes and Vascular Doctors.

The goal of the Shoulder and Knee Clinic is to provide comprehensive, timely and quality care of shoulder and knee problems to allow you to quickly return to pain free activity.

Shoulder Care:

Shoulder problems are treated with conservative treatment including a dedicated physiotherapy center and a fully equipped operating theatre for the keyhole surgical intervention if need be, these problems include:

Rotator Cuff tears: in the young athlete and the elderly person.
Glenoid Labrum tears: typically as a result of shoulder dislocations.
Arthritis of the shoulder joint: as a result of mechanical (osteoarthritis) or inflammatory problems (Rheumatism).
Frozen Shoulder: either primary frozen shoulder or a result of diabetes and other pathologies.

Knee Care:

The knee is the site of many problems since it is a major weight bearing joint. The younger person gets affected by several pathologies that treated at our centre by conservative treatment including a dedicated physiotherapy centre as well as a fully equipped operating theater for key hole arthroscopic intervention as well as open surgeries as need be, these problems include:

Meniscal tears
Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament pathology.
Patellar problems (Knee cap pathology).
The elderly patient gets affected with osteoarthritis and joint pain that can be treated conservatively or by joint replacement with all the necessary supportive services:

Total Knee Replacement
Total Hip Replacement