Transaxillary Video Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

September 16, 2014 9:49 am

Breast is an important symbol of femininity. Beautiful shape and an ideal volume of the breast is a wish for most of the women. This explains why the breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure performed all over the world.
Traditional breast augmentation includes the incision placement either around the nipple or under the breast (inframammary). The inframammary incision is the most popular approach; the incision around the nipple is a good choice for patients who have excess skin or the nipples are in an asymmetric position. In both techniques there is tension acting on the incision, because the implant is pushing all the breast skin after the breast augmentation. So, it needs more care during the recovering time to avoid open of the wound before the complete healing as well the scar can become wider and more visible.
Transaxillary Video Endoscopic Breast Augmentation is a modern technique that use a micro camera coupled a small tube (endoscope) and a video screen, allowing the breast size to increase without any scars on the breast. All the tissues can be viewed 10 times bigger than the normal size on the video endoscope, avoiding risks of injuries.  Any bleeding identified can be dealt immediately. Thus, the prosthesis can be placed safely and precisely in the correct position with minimal invasive approach.
The incision is not bigger than 4 cm, in the armpit (axilla) inside a natural fold, in the middle of the hair area.  The visual guidance of the video endoscope allows making a small tunnel under the skin until the pocket for the prosthesis, created under or above the chest muscle. Usually the prosthesis is placed above the muscle and under the fascia. This strong fiber called fascia improve the covering for the implants, giving a more natural look. The breast glandule is not touched during this procedure and there isn’t any problem with the breast feeding after surgery.
All this procedure can be done in 1 hour and half, under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. In the armpit incision there isn’t any tension acting on the scar and it is often unnoticeable by about one year after this procedure.
In the second post-operative day it is possible to take a complete shower and shave the area. All the arm moves and normal activities without efforts can be restored 15 days after surgery. Activities with efforts and gym exercises can be done only after 30 days after procedure.
The right candidate for this approach should have minimal or no excess skin on the breast and the nipples need to be on the appropriate position.
During breast feeding it is not possible to do the breast augmentation. Procedure can only be done after stopping breast feeding for 6 months.
Transaxillary video endoscopic approach is the best technique to be done for patients who wish to have a safe and non invasive breast augmentation without scarring on the breast. However it is very important to choose an expert plastic surgeon in this technique, with enough skills, which has all the necessary and appropriate technology and devices to do this procedure.
Dr. Claudia Machado
Specialist Plastic Surgeon