Dr. Mirabelle Geha

Dr. Mirabelle completed her Bachelors in Biology from Lebanese American University, Byblos, Lebanon and went on to do her medical degree at Gilbert and Rose-Mary Chagoury School of Medicine, LAU, Byblos, Lebanon. She completed her 4 years Emergency Medicine residency at American University of Beirut Medical Centre, Lebanon where she served as chief resident during her last year of training.

She has clinical experience in Emergency Department Management and is well versed in many emergencies related procedures.

She has also interest in research in the Emergency Medical field where she contributed in few publications in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Mirabelle also holds Life Support Certification in different categories and ages.


  • Critical Care Cases
  • Point of Care Ultrasound
  • Trauma

Dr. Azahir Elhadi

Dr.-Azahir Elhadi-EHJ

Dr. Azahir received her MBBS from Faculty of Medicine Alzaim Alazhary University, Sudan in 2004 and is a member of the Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Dr. Azahir also did her Clinical MD from the Sudan Medical Specialization Board in 2014.

Dr. Azahir started working as an Obstetrics & Gynaecologist since 2007 and has worked in tertiary care maternity hospitals and several other maternity hospitals in Sudan. Thereafter Dr. Azahir moved to UAE in 2016 and worked in a governmental hospital in Abu Dhabi for 6 years before joining Emirates Hospital Day Surgery, Abu Dhabi. Dr. Azahir has about fourteen years of experience in the field of obstetrics.


  • Antenatal care for normal and high-risk pregnancy
  • Management of normal, instrumental and operative deliveries including complicated cases
  • Management and treating of gynaecology disease and hormonal disturbances
  • Cervical colposcopy and hysteroscopy
  • Early detection, screening and management of cervical cancer
  • Family planning and contraception counselling and management

Dr. Fatima Hassan Mohammed


Dr. Fatima completed her MBBS from the University of Dongola, Sudan, and went on to her MD in Obstetrics & Gynecology from Sudan Medical Specialization Board. She specializes in all aspects of female health and well-being.


  • All Gynec Disorders
  • Management of Normal & High-Risk Pregnancy
  • Menopausal Health Problems
  • Management of Adolescent Gynec Problems

Dr. Azhar Khan

Dr. Azhar Khan completed his MBBS in 1992 from Peshawar University, in Pakistan and went on to do Post graduate MD degree in Internal medicine from the prestigious Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan in 2009. He has also received a Post graduate diploma in Diabetes from the University of Warwick, UK in 2021.

His work experience spans over 12 yrs, across KSA and the UAE. In KSA he worked at the Saudi German Hospital – Riyadh. His last appointment was at Medcare Health facility Dubai from 2016 till 2022.


  • General Management of Internal Medicine conditions such as Diabetes, General Endocrine Disorders, Thyroid, Hypertension and Cholesterol related disorders, General Gastrointestinal disorders (Gastritis, Malabsorption, GERD, Peptic Ulcer Diseases, IBS), Respiratory conditions.
  • Management of Vitamin deficiencies like B12, and Vitamin-D treatment and other anaemia’s workup.
  • Vaccination Guidance and Follow up.

Dr. Sheena Cherry Barns Joy

Dr. Sheena completed her MBBS from University of Kerala, India and went on to do her MD from Annamalai University, India. She also did a fellowship in Critical Medicine from Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India and a Post Graduate Program in Cardiology from John Hopkins University, India.

She holds an MBA in Hospital Management as well. Before joining Emirates Hospital, Dr. Sheena worked with Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC), Abu Dhabi.


  • General Management of Internal Medicine conditions such as Cardiac Diseases, Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Chronic illnesses & Infectious Diseases.
  • Acute Medicine.
  • Geriatric Medicine.

Dr. Seyedhesam Rahmani

Dr. Seyedhesam Rahmani completed his MBBS and Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Diploma from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Iran in 2012. Thereafter he was appointed as a specialist at the Department of Emergency Medicine, Urmia University from 2012 – 2015 and at the Department of Emergency Medicine, Ostad Aalinasab Hospital, Tabriz Iran from 2015 till 2020. This has provided him with 9 years of clinical, educational and research experience in the field of Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Seyedhesam has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as poster presentations in international congress and provided many educational seminars and lectures as tutorial to healthcare workers. In the past, he also held other designations such as Hospital Patient Safety Officer, Hospital Incident Command System director and coordinator of morbidity and mortality conferences. He has done ATLS, BLS, ACLS international courses as well as Team physician and high-altitude problems courses by Iranian Sport Medicine Federation.


  • Airway management.
  • Trauma cases.
  • Intensive care medicine.
  • Sport medicine.
  • Point of Care Ultrasound in Emergency Care.
  • Environmental disease.

Ms. Pia Angela Parreno

Ms. Pia completed her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the Philippines and went on to do Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy from Arcadia University, USA. Before moving to UAE, Ms. Pia worked in the Philippines as a Physical Therapist.

Clinical Expertise

  • Manual Therapy
    • Muscle Energy Technique
    • Trigger point therapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Kinesio and Sports specific taping techniques
  • Postural and Functional Rehab
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
    • Neuromuscular Physiotherapy (Stroke, Bell’s Palsy, PNI)
    • Post-surgical Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation (Joint Pains, Injury, Trauma)
    • Pain Management

Ms. Sahar Elhoufy

Ms. Sahar has over 9 years of experience in the field of Physiotherapy. She completed her Bachelors in Physiotherapy from the Misr for Science and Technology University, Egypt. Ms. Sahar is an experienced Physiotherapist with extensive experience in the management and treatment of patients with a limited range of movement caused due to accidents, illness or age challenges by using different manual techniques and exercises. She specializes in Rheumatoid, skeletal, and muscle illnesses.

Clinical Expertise

  • Implementation of acute patient care for adults and pediatric
  • Assessment and treatment of (Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida presenting syndromes of Ataxia, Spasticity, Hypotonicity, Body Balance Disorders, and recovery of Gait Function
  • Assessment and treatment of orthopedic patients with Neck Pain, Acute, Chronic or Recurrent Back Pain, Muscle Strain, Poor Posture And Scoliosis.
  • Rehabilitation following stroke to help patient improve the balance and restore coordination and decrease spasticity
  • Assessment and treatment of orthopedic cases such as back and neck pain
  • Rehabilitation after sports injury, and after surgery
  • Applying treatment of soft tissue injuries with use of laser therapy and ultrasound
  • Applying Treatment of heat and ice therapy
  • Supporting patients recovering from surgery
  • Assisting patients recovering from a wide range of accidents (fall or car accidents resulting in back, neck, limb or joint conditions)

Ms. Maryam Edraki

Ms. Maryam did her Bsc. in Nursing from University of Health and Medical Services, Shiraz, Iran and went on to do her Post Graduate certification in Diabetes from University of Leicester, UK. She has also done certification in Diabetes Care from Warwick University, UK and received Certificate of Completion Rave EDC Essentials for Clinical Research Coordinators, Medidata University. Ms. Maryam holds Healthcare Quality Management Diploma from Cambridge College International, UK. In the past, Ms. Maryam worked with Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah and Dr. Suleiman Habib Hospital.

Clinical Expertise

  • Support people with Diabetes (T1D, T2D, LADA & GDM) and pre- diabetes and develop the best treatment plan, educate on nutrition and medication, diabetes technology as well as promote positive lifestyle changes.
  • Support patients & their families in enabling/educating them on Self-Management of Diabetes and develop individualized goals to better optimize of their care and health outcomes.

Dr. Madian Hameed Alzaqri

Dr. Madian-Hameed-Alzaqri

Dr. Madian completed his MBBS in Yemen. He did 5 years residency in Arab Health Specialization Program in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and obtained his MD in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery from Arab Board of Health Specialization. Dr. Madian attended several courses in Rhinoplasty, Basic and Advanced FESS, Temporal Bone Dissection, Phonosurgery and injection laryngoplasty. Dr. Madian has been practicing in reputed hospitals in Yemen and Dubai over the past 5 year.

Dr. Madian is a member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS), Pan Arab Rhinology Society (PARS), and Yemeni Otolaryngology Society.


  • Allergic Rhinitis Management, Allergy and Immunotherapy of Allergic Rhinitis & Bronchitis
  • Management of Vertigo, Dizziness and Balance Disorders
  • Hearing Impairment and Hearing Tests: Pure tone Audiometry, Acoustic Immittance tests)
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Nasal Obstruction Correction (Septoplasty, Nasal Polypectomy, Nasal Turbinates Surgery by different methods , Nose Fractures Manipulation)
  • Snoring and sleeping disorders and it’s Surgery (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty)
  • Middle Ear Microscopic and Endoscopic Surgery ( Grommet insertion, Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasty, Ossicular reconstruction and Mastoidectomy)
  • Oral Cavity and Throat Disease with Adenotonsillectomy (by Cold Steel, Monoplar, Bipolar and Coblation)
  • Rhinosinusitis and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
  • Nasal Trauma, Facial, Head and Neck Trauma
  • Salivary Glands Disorder with Head & Neck Mass Excision
  • Diagnostic and Treatment: Bronchoscopy and Foreign Body Removal
  • Swallowing Disorder, Diagnostic and Treatment Esophagoscopy and Foreign Body Removal
  • Voice Change, Speech Disorder, Laryngoscopy & Vocal Cords Surgery