Christiaan Du Toit

Chris graduated with a B.Tech Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics from the Tshwane University of Technology of South Africa in 2008, intending to focus on specialized orthotic care. He worked in a physical rehabilitation hospital for 5 years on orthotic provision and mobility for neurological conditions such as CVA, TBI, NMD, and SCI.

He then continued expanding his vision onto paediatrics in private practice in the following 5 years, working closely with paediatric physiotherapists and specialist surgeons.

After 11 years in practice, in search of an environment that has a similar focus and vision, Chris moved to Dubai.

His clinical interests remain with neurological conditions requiring advanced custom devices, but he is also experienced in providing orthotic solutions for sports orientated individuals and the diabetic care role. Chris is experienced with the application of custom lower limb orthotic devices, wheelchair seating and mobility provision, and custom foot orthotics.