Dr. Abdulghani Dandan

Dr. Abdulghani Dandan is our consultant general and vein surgeon at Emirates Hospital. As a French Board of General Surgery trained doctor with over 30 years of experience in his field, he is a certified and trained professional having worked across various University hospitals in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. With a diverse background of being trained and having held residency positions across different hospitals in France and KSA, Dr.Abdulghani has also authored multiple medical papers presented as a part of his field of expertise in conferences across KSA and Europe. Needless to say he is also fluent in Arabic, English and French languages helping cater to a wide range of our patients.

During his tenure at Emirates Hospital since 2015 he takes a special interest in advanced proctology and vein treatment using laser and other minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Clinical Expertise

  • Colorectal surgery and proctology
  • Minimally invasive laser proctology
  • Laser solutions for varicose veins
  • Vein Treatments Clinic Specialist