Dr. Ali Aslani

Dr.Ali Aslani is our General Practitioner here at Emirates Hospital. Having worked across a range of brands here in the UAE, Dr.Aslani brings a wealth of experience to his role here at Emirates Hospital.

Dr.Aslani also takes pride in helping patients not only offering remedies to ailments but actually recommending solutions towards a healthier and preventive lifestyle, something we take pride in here at Emirates Hospital.

Clinical Expertise

  • Responsible for outpatient’s treatment in ER.
  • Treatment of all pediatrics and geriatrics patients and medical checkups.
  • Primary investigations to find out chronic or preventable diseases such as HTN,DM
  • Doing minor procedures such as stitching, dressings, draining pimples and cellulites.
  • Recommending vaccination programs for infants, children and adults.
  • Managing all emergency cases such as MI, Asthmatic attack, Heat stroke