Dr. Bann Thahab al Sahlani

Dr. Bann did her MB BCh in 2005 and is a Graduate of Dubai Medical College, Dubai, UAE. She has been working for Emirates hospital for the past 9 years and has a total practising experience of 14 years.
She has worked hard at developing her skill set and procedures, and is competent in the following-

  • Peripheral and central line insertion
  • IM IV SC drug administration
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Liver biopsy with or without an ultrasound guidance
  • Bone marrow aspiration
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic Ascitic tapping
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic Pleural aspiration
  • Basics in ultrasound scanning of thyroid and abdomen


  • Since 2009 I have held a full general medical counsel registration and a license to practice in th UK.
  • Since 2010 I have held a license to practice as a full time general doctor within the DHA.
  • Member of the Emirates medical society.
  • Member of the Emirates emergency medicine society.


  • Member of the Emirates medical society
  • Member of the Emirates emergency medicine society


  • I did speak at the 4th dubai otology conference was held on the 12 of Oct 2016 under HE Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Owais,minister of health and prevention .United Arab Emirates
  • In Audit 1 which was a n observational study from the 28/11/2007 to 29/12/2007 I have recorded the incidence of H pylori positive patients in each upper endoscopy done during that month and it was supervised by Dr.Mustafa Sabrri a consultant gastroenterologist in Rashid hospital Dubai
  • In Audit 2 in the period 2/8/2009 to 29/8/2009 I ran a questionnaire among a number of patients going in to an elective gastroscopy about patients satisfaction post gastroscopy and how is related to a proper explanation of the procedure by the doctor
  • I have regularly conducted formal teaching sessions for junior colleagues including medical students, interns and junior residents.


  • I have been working as a general practitioner and an ER. Doctor covering both 24 hours clinic as well as the ER. In emirates hospital Dubai since 1/10/2010.reviewing around 3600 patients on an annual basis including adults medicin, Obe/Gyne, Pediatric cases as well as surgical cases .conducting minor procedures without supervision such as stiching, dressing, drainage,back slab applications.
  • Primary and secondary prevention including regular check up.As well as seasonal vaccination programs