Dr. Emad El Atassi

Consultant ENT with over 35 years’ experience
Facial Plastic at Medical Chamber, Germany
Senior Consultant at Medical Chamber in Luebeck, Germany
Chief Consultant ENT department at Al Razi Hospital Homs, Syria
Member of ENT society, Germany
Consultant ENT from Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2000

Languages: Arabic, English, and German

Clinical Expertise

  • Outstanding surgeon in all fields of ENT, Head and Neck
  • Adeno-tonsillectomy
  • All nose operations (septoplasty, rhino-plasty, and concha)
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • Parotid, Sub-mandibular, and Thyroid Surgery
  • Otoplasty (prominent ear)
  • Tympano-plasty (drum perforation, ossicular replacements to improve hearing)
  • Mastoid operations
  • Microscopic laryngeal Surgery, to diagnose and remove polyps and nodes
  • Endoscopy of bronchus and esophagus for diagnosis and foreign body removal
  • Outstanding surgeon in neck surgery (partial and total laryngectomy, neck dissection)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of all ENT Diseases for adults and children