Dr Gamal Helmy

Dr. Gamal Helmy is our Neonatologist and Specialist Paediatrician here at Emirates Hospital. Originally from Egypt, Dr. Helmy completed his education in Egypt and went on to work across a range of recognised institutions across Egypt and Kuwait before he moved to Dubai and started at Latifa Hospital, a JCI accredited institution here in the United Arab Emriates with one of the largest Neonatal care centres in the country.

Over his years and across different roles, Dr.Helmy has grown to be an expert in care for neonates and children needing ICU care. Needless to say Dr.Helmy is a veteran when it comes to deliveries and understands the intricacies with neonatal resuscitations and other similar complications.

Dr. Helmy has also spent a great deal of his time attending various conferences constantly adding value and help evolve the sciences behind care for neonates and children alike. He has also held speaking positions across a number of conferences here in the UAE and globally on the Subject of Paediatrics.