Dr. Jelena Maksimovic

She started her professional career in Belgrade at City institute for emergency medical services where she diagnosed variety of diseases and injuries in General Practice settings. She provided emergency medical assistance to critically ill, injured or traumatized patients. Dr. Jelena did her residency at University Children’s Hospital in Belgrade where she gained experience in treating neonates and children in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She was managing, supervising and following up acute and chronic paediatric illnesses. During her residency Dr. Jelena was coordinating variety of clinical research studies lead by Endocrinology department of the University Children’s Hospital.

In 2018 she moved to Dubai where she spent 3 years in private clinic working as General Practitioner, treating both adults and children of all ages.

General Pediatrics, Overview:

  • New-born Check Up.
  • Well Baby Clinic.
  • Breastfeeding Consultation.
  • Nutritional advice, use of normal and modified formulas and breast feeding.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Assessment and Management of Growth and Stature.
  • Weight management (Failure to thrive, Under/Overweight, Obesity).
  • Recognition and Management of Acute Illness (e.g. Recurrent fevers, Diarrhea, Ear Infection, Bronchiolitis, Cough, Urinary Tract Infection).
  • Recognition and Management of Chronic Illnesses (e.g. Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease, asthma, snoring, chronic cough, constipation, food intolerance and eczema).
  • Recognition and Management of Behavioural Issues (Including Bedwetting, Toilet Training problems and Feeding related issues).
  • Allergy screening and Food Intolerance testing.
  • Developmental Assessment.
  • Assessment of Puberty (Delay or Early Puberty) and Adolescent Health.
  • Nursery and School Health.