Dr. Khaoula Baccouche

Dr.Khaoula Baccouche is our GP here at Emirates Hospital practicing Emergency Medicine. Hailing originally from Oman, Dr.Khaoula has experience having trained across multiple institutions in the Sultanate of Oman.
Dr.Khaoula caters to a wide range of our patients offering care that is holisitic and patient-centric. Working her way through various training programs and workshops, Dr.Khaoula brings all this knowledge and expertise to her role here at Emirates Hospital. Dr.Kahoula has also been recognised for her contributions to the field of Emergency Medicine across various institutions in Oman.
Dr.Khaoula also takes a keen interest and is an advocate of a lifestyle that is balanced with physical activity and enjoying the outdoors with a range of activities and always tries to inspire our guests here at Emirates Hospital on the benefits of a balanced lifestyle.