Dr. Naglaa Hosny Abdelkawy

Bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery (MBBC).Alazhar university (Cairo) 2008 MRCP (part1, 2).
Member of Egyptian medical syndicate.


Greet patients and take personal histories, perform examinations, order laboratory tests, x-rays and other diagnostic procedures
Evaluate patients’ physical and mental health; refer patients to specialists where appropriate
Prescribe and administer medications and treatments
Perform routine surgery, such as primary closure techniques (suturing), skin lesion biopsies and removal of foreign bodies from ears or wounds, pap smear, throat swap.
Provide emergency care for acute coronary syndrome and asthma attacks.
Provide pre-natal and post-natal care
Report notifiable diseases, such as pertussis and measles, to governmental authorities
Advise patients about strategies for maintaining optimal health, including disease and accident prevention.