Dr. Riham Ramzi Elsaid

  • Over 10 years of Experience.
  • Worked as a Specialist Paediatrician for 3 years in I care Clinic Dubai.
  • Worked as a Specialist Paediatrician for 2 years in a private hospital (Egypt).
  • Worked 5 years as a Resident Doctor in Paediatric and neonatology department at Banha Teaching Hospital (Egypt).
  • Master degree in Paediatrics in Benha University Egypt

Clinical Expertise

  • Monitor growth and development of Children.
  • Different immunizations for paediatrics.
  • Different types of Acute & Chronic infections and diseases.
  • Diagnose and treat different paediatrics allergies, i.e. Bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis.
  • Neonatal and post neonatal follow up.