Dr. Salina Najjar

Dr. Salina Mulham Najjar, is a young and passionate doctor specializing in Internal Medicine. She received her Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 2010 from the Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan’s highest ranking school. She has interned at Jordan’s largest hospitals and gained substantial experience in a variety of different fields including paediatrics, gynaecology, emergency medicine, general surgery, and obstetrics. She has also completed two clinical electives from the George Washington University, USA, in Gastroenterology and General Surgery and Oncology.

Dr. Salina completed her Residency in Internal Medicine in 2015 at King Hussein Medical City, which is a medical compound of five hospitals in Amman, including a wide network of hospitals distributed in different provinces across the kingdom of Jordan. She worked under and learned from Jordan’s most renowned and experienced doctors.

Clinical Expertise

  • Solve Puzzling Diagnostic Problems
  • Handling Acute and Chronic Illnesses
  • Preventive Medicine and Long Term Health Planning, Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Focusing on Being Extremely Thorough, Communicating Effectively and Educating Patients About Their Health Status
  • Special Interest in Nephrology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Emergency Medicine
  • Weight Loss and Obesity Management