Dr. Sama Zibdeh

Dr. Sama Zibdeh



Dr. Sama is a specialist breast surgeon with more than 16 years of experience in breast surgery preceded by 7 years training and practicing in general surgery. After receiving her medical degree in 1994 and becoming board certified, chose to continue working and teaching at the renowned Jordan University Hospital and practiced as a fellow in surgical oncology.

In 2003 she pursued her fellowship training in breast surgery at The Breast Cancer Institute, Westmead Hospital and the Prince of Wales Hospital and Royal Hospital for Women both in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Zibdeh was involved with the Australian national breast screening program as part of her training as well as breast reconstruction procedures.

In 2006 she returned to Jordan and worked for two years in the private sector as an independent breast surgeon and then moved to Saudi Arabia and joined Saad Specialist Hospital as a consultant breast surgeon.

Since 2010 she has worked for Emirates Hospital as a breast surgeon in the UAE and practicing at the highest ethical level. She practices a multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer management and works with reputable facilities to refer patients for chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. She is a strong advocate for fighting breast cancer by preventative measures and early detection and is actively involved in public awareness programmes and media activities.

Clinical Expertise

  • Management of all aspects of breast diseases and physiological disorders
  • Primary assessment for breast complaints
  • Early detection of breast cancer.
  • Image interpretation with fellow dedicated radiologists.
  • Performing breast biopsies (FNA, core needle and surgical biopsies).
  • Surgical treatment for benign breast disorders as well as cancer.
  • Assessment of genetic risks for breast cancer and counselling.