Dr. Nabil Al Khatib

Nabil Al Khatib



Dr.Nabil is our Specialist Anaesthesiologist here at Emirates Hospital. Having specialised in his subject from the Illinois and Michigan Dr.Nabil also focuses in Anesthesiology for pediatric patients.

Dr.Nabil obtained his speciality in Anaesthesia from Illinoios Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois; then followed it by a fellowship in Pediatric Anaesthesia from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dr. Nabil brings a wealth of his varied experience of more than 20 years to the department. He has also been awarded the Excellence award in Anesthesia which he received at the University of Michigan, USA.

Clinical Expertise

  • Adult & Peadeatric Anesthesia Management
  • Regional Anesthesia Expertise for Labour and Delivery
  • Cardiac Anesthesia for all Open Heart Surgeries