Preeni Siva

Preeni Sivan is a well-known Optometrist in UAE who has made a significant impact on the profession of optometry. She has successfully completed 4 years bachelor’s degree and 3 years Diploma in optometry. Preeni Sivan has over 14 years of experience as an optometrist and she is holding several medical licenses from different countries which include DHA from Dubai, MOH from UAE, MOH from Bahrain and Life Time Optometrist membership from India.

Preeni Sivan is well skilled in all areas of optometry including Glaucoma assessment; the detection of eye conditions and diseases; driver’s licence assessment; optical solutions for computer; occupational and recreational activities; children’s vision; and sports vision.


  • Perform vision tests and analyze results.
  • Diagnose sight problems, such as near sightedness or farsightedness and eye diseases, such as glaucoma.
  • Prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses, and medications.
  • Provide treatments such as vision therapy or low-vision rehabilitation.
  • Provide pre- and postoperative care to patients undergoing eye surgery—for example, examining a patient’s eyes the day after surgery.
  • Evaluate patients for the presence of diseases such as diabetes and refer patients to other healthcare providers as needed.
  • Promote eye health by counselling patients.
  • Occupational vision and computer vision syndrome.
  • Behavioural optometry for children struggling with reading and writing.